The Ending Of

After Life

Season 3



In an interview with Radio Times, Gervais stated that he would not be making a fourth season of "After Life," which will bring his poignant and darkly comic story of widower Tony to a close. However, the mysterious ending left audiences puzzled and wondering about the meaning and resolution of Tony’s story.

Some found Season 3's final scene ambiguous as we watch Tony leave and walk into the distance accompanied by Lisa and their dog Brandy. First Lisa, then Brandy, then Tony gradually fade away and disappear, leaving an empty field. Gervais, however, was crystal clear on the message he intended to deliver with that final mystical moment at the Tambury Fair.
"When we're all dead and buried, that field's still there, the Tambury Fair is still going, that tree is still there." Gervais summarized his final take-home for the series as: "That's what the ending is saying. 'We all die, but not today'... Enjoy it while you can, life is so finite."