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The Ducky Line
That NCIS Fans
Can't Help
But Love
Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, the bow-tied medical examiner is an "NCIS" fan favorite, mostly due to his sharp sense of humor. According to fans on Reddit, there’s one line that stands out as his absolute funniest to date.
According to a Redditor, Ducky’s retort to Ilan Bodnar in the Season 10 episode "Shiva" is unmatched. After rudely asking him whose grandfather he is, Ducky simply replies, "Well, that depends. Who's your grandmother?"
Other “NCIS” fans chimed in on Reddit to give their thoughts on Ducky's grade-A roast, where one fan said, "I remember the joy I felt after seeing this scene for the first time!!" While another user expressed their love for Ducky's sass and praised David McCallum's work as the character.