The Drastic Measures Robert Pattinson Took To Get In Shape For The Batman


Robert Pattinson revealed recently that he was "counting sips of water" ahead of shirtless scenes in “The Batman.” Pattinson says he used “shame” as a motivator, and he ate a diet that included a lot of plain white fish with lemon.

Next to his bland diet to portray the Caped Crusader, Robert Pattinson also had to undergo some fairly intense physical training. The actor said his routine included weight training, boxing drills, military sandbag drills, and three-to-six mile runs, despite the fact that he hated cardio before taking the role.

The actor appears to think it was all worth it — and not just because the film is being hailed by critics. Pattinson even compared donning the batsuit to “wearing a crown,” and said he was able to buy into Batman’s more audacious acts once he fit into it.

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