The Downton Abbey Characters Who Are Married In Real Life

In 2019, the first "Downton Abbey" film was released to positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and much of its success lies within the viewers' devotion to the characters. It’s obvious that fans root for the couples on the series, but what may not be quite so obvious is the fact that two actors in the franchise are actually married in real life.
Mr. Charles Carson (Jim Carter) appeared on the show from the pilot until his resignation and marriage to Elsie Hughes in the sixth and final season. However, in real life, actor Jim Carter is married to actress Imelda Staunton.
Carter and Staunton have been married since 1983 and have one child, actress Bessie Carter. Though Staunton is arguably best known for her role as "Harry Potter" villain and ailurophile Dolores Jane Umbridge, fans will also surely remember her for her role in the first "Downton Abbey" movie, where she played Lady Maud Bagshaw

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