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The Doctor Who
Episode That's
Undone By 'The
Timeless Children'
One of the most controversial episodes of "Doctor Who" in recent history is "The Timeless Children,” which ripped up the very foundations of the Doctor character and left everything fans thought they knew in shreds. "The Timeless Children” also negated a favorite previous episode of "Doctor Who."
The episode in question is "Day of the Doctor," which is considered a high note for the series, restoring the glory of the Time Lords with an optimistic ending. However, when “The Timeless Children” revealed that the Doctor was not a Time Lord it ruined the hope "The Day of the Doctor" left viewers with.
“The Timeless Children” also revealed that the Doctor was a member of an unnamed race, found and adopted by a Gallifreyan named Tecteun, who soon discovered that her foster child had the power of regeneration. With this narrative showrunner Chris Chibnall not only gave the Doctor a totally different origin story, but some critics, like the ones at Den of Geek, argue it made “the hero of almost 60 years of British sci-fi [...] a genocidal maniac.
Den of Geek also points out, that this isn’t the first time "Doctor Who" has negated an uplifting conclusion — think the Fifth Doctor's final episode, "Caves of Androzani," in which he dies to save Peri versus the Sixth Doctor's first adventure "The Twin Dilemma," in which he tries to strangle her instead — but “The Timeless Children” may be the most egregious example. Those poor Time Lords just can't get a break.