The Doctor Who Character Only Super Fans Know Existed


As “Doctor Who” fans know, the Doctor always has a companion accompany them on their travels to help out and keep them in check. However, there is one companion that only hardcore fans may know as he has only appeared in the comics and audio stories: a talking penguin named Frobisher.

In the 1980s, Frobisher appeared in the comic story, “The Shape-Shifter,” which was included in issue 88 of the “Doctor Who Magazine.” The story is about a shapeshifter named Avan Tarklu who originally is after the Sixth Doctor because of a bounty but ends up siding with the Doctor, changing into a penguin, and calling himself Frobisher.

Frobisher’s initial form is actually a yellow humanoid but sticks to a penguin because he liked the penguin form of his shapeshifting estranged wife. With interesting stories like this within the character’s decades-long history outside of television, perhaps “Doctor Who” fans will get some Frobisher-focused episodes in the future.