The Doctor Strange Character We Could See Pop Up In Disney+'s She-Hulk

Wong, who is set to appear in "Doctor Strange 2," after guest appearances in "Shang-Chi" and "Spider-Man: No Way Home,” might be crossing paths with She-Hulk as well. Lizzie Hill from “The Cosmic Circus” stated that a “dependable source” confirmed Wong’s appearance.
Twitter fan account @SheHulkDaily, noticed that Benedict Wong and Tatiana Masalany had begun following each other on Instagram. They also added that Benedict Cumberbatch had started following Jessica Gao, Kat Coiro, and Jameela Jamil, who are all set to star in "She-Hulk" as well.
While it might just be a few Marvel Studios stars checking in on each other, it is an exciting development that begs the question of why Wong would turn up in the anticipated show. With the announcement that the Abomination will also be joining the “She-Hulk” fold, perhaps Wong will show up to settle their unfinished business from “Shang-Chi.”