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"The Office" introduced fans to a slew of hilarious personas, but Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin) stands out as one of the most unpredictable. Jan treated Michael poorly, she doesn’t him sleep in his own bed, drove him into financial turmoil, and even got pregnant behind his back, but one "Office" fan theory suggests she was capable of much worse.
In Season 4, Episode 13 titled "Dinner Party", fans become privy to the incredibly awkward and toxic relationship the two share affair, with Michael admitting in a talking head that he thinks Jan may be trying to poison him. Fans recently took to Reddit to express their theory that murder may have indeed been on the menu.
The theory posted by u/B-e-a-u speculates that after getting pregnant Jan planned to kill Michael, “inherit his newly renovated condo, possibly a life insurance policy, and make more money with her candles for the vigil. I think if Michael didn't go with Dwight he would have been murdered that night." Fans may never get definitive clarification on Jan’s true intentions, but at least they can still relive all of her most memorable moments, over and over again.