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The Devastating
Death Of
Deadliest Catch's
Ross Jones
Ross Jones, a greenhorn on "Deadliest Catch," died earlier this year leaving behind his girlfriend, Chloe, and their young son. The details surrounding his death will not be released out of respect for his family and friends. Regardless of how it happened, it’s an immense tragedy, for those who worked with him on the Saga and to fans of the show.
Captain Jake Anderson took to Instagram to post a photo of Jones working on a crab fishing vessel, along with the message: "I loved Ross Jones. He is standing in the green. You made me piss my pants on many occasions. TO VALHALLA!"
Dozens of fans poured into the comment section to offer their condolences toward Jones' passing. Some of the messages found in the thread include, "One more tough loss, he was one of the good [ones]" and "Very sorry for your loss Jake. Also to your crew, and his family and friends."