The Detail You Likely Never Noticed About Robert Pattinson's Batman Costume


one of the ways in which previous Batman filmmakers have set themselves apart from others is by featuring a unique Batsuit with its own details and quirks. "The Batman's" costume designer, Glyn Dillon, spoke with Esquire about his and Reeves’ take on the iconic superhero costume.

Dillon said that he drew inspiration from Venetian face masks worn at parties and liked the idea of a “skull-like” feel. He also wanted to take advantage of Robert Pattinson's strong jawline so he pulled the suit's cowl further back than previous Batsuits, making it closer to a mask than a full hood.

Dillon and Reeves wanted every aspect of the Batsuit to be functional, even the cape. Their goal was to make the suit practical and unlike previous Batsuits, this is the first one that allows Batman to use the restroom unaided.

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