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That '70s Show
Off The Rails
"That '70s Show" was something of a behemoth in the television lineup of the very late '90s and the first half of the '00s. However, one moment has proved to stand out above the rest for fans as a creative decision that went wildly off the rails and perhaps even doomed "That '70s Show" to its ultimate end.
On Reddit, a user asked what television scenes made viewers stop watching series they originally loved. One of the most upvoted replies wrote, "The first episode of the last season of 'That '70s Show' where that d*** guy replaced Eric... Never again."
In the final season of “That ‘70s Show,” the gap left by Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher, and Bret Harrison was filled by Josh Meyers who played Randy. Meyers’ character was not well received and the show's ratings began to go downhill which subsequently led to Fox canceling “That ‘70s Show.”