NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09:  Jake Anderson of "Deadliest Catch' visits Build Studio on April 9, 2018 in New York City.  (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
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The Deadliest
Catch Member
Who Was Sadly
Once Homeless
Based on what fans have seen on "Deadliest Catch" over the years, none of these fishermen are immune to off and onshore hardships. The crew has been hit with its fair share of tragic moments, but with tragedy, there is thankfully inspiration, as plenty of these brave crabbers use the job to help them get their life back on track.
Despite being featured in this successful series since 2007, Jake Anderson has been through plenty of ups and downs. Goskagit reports that Anderson reveals in his book "Relapse" that he had dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder, but that that dream quickly faded after suffering an injury in 1999, which led him to alcohol and drug addiction.
For the next two years, Anderson actually found himself homeless, trying to still salvage a skateboarding life on the streets of Anacortes. However, life did turn around, as Discovery explains, when Anderson was introduced to crabbing by his uncle, Nick Mavar.