The Dark Home Improvement Episode That Stands Out From The Rest

When “Home Improvement” aired in the 90’s, sitcoms tended to stay away from ultra serious topics, as their primary purpose was to make the audience laugh. However, in Season 5 Episode 22’s “The Longest Day,” the writers took a chance with a cancer scare storyline.
In the episode, the Taylor family learns that Randy may have cancer and they must wait until the end of the day for the doctor’s callback. Despite the grim subject matter, the episode still had laughs, with Tim joking to his “Tool Time” co-host Al that he was distracted due to Jill having an affair with the milkman.
That joke runs throughout the episode, as the first call the Taylors get is from Al, worrying about Jill and Tim’s marriage. Ultimately, it is revealed that Randy doesn’t have cancer, but rather hypothyroidism, and will just need medicine. The episode ended up being a smash hit for ABC, helping “Home Improvement” reclaim its number-one ratings spot the next week.