The Dark Friends Theory That Explains Why The Group Is So Close


Ranked #21 on TV Guide’s list of the 50 greatest TV shows of all time, “Friends” needs no introduction. While most fans probably do not question the nature of the group's interpersonal relationships and their fondness for each other, a fan theory casts an interesting light on the gang's dynamic.

One fan on Reddit has provided an in-depth analysis of the show’s characters that suggests that their mommy issues brought them together. Monica has an overly critical and dismissive mom, Phoebe has an abused mom who is emotionally unstable, Ross has an overbearing mother, Chandler has disinterested parents who couldn't care less, and Joey has immature parents who have a superficial attraction.

Whether or not the theory has merit, it has been prominently accepted among the fan community, and many have offered their own two cents on the topic. Some have even specified that it could just be parental issues instead of specific mommy issues.

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