The Danielle Colby Moment That Went Too Far On American Pickers


After Frank Fritz's sudden departure from “American Pickers” amid an ongoing dispute with Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby’s status on the show has come into question as well. She is still a part of the series as of Season 22, but there was one moment over the course of the show where she took things a little too far.

During a few episodes in Season 19, the gang spent a considerable amount of time restoring Aerosmith’s first ever tour van. A lot of fans found the storyline to be a little drawn-out, and Danielle’s part in it was particularly awkward for some.

One Redditor called out Danielle’s tears when meeting the band, which they deemed as inorganic and presumably staged. It’s likely this was intentional heightening intended to make for more compelling TV, but Danielle's awkward behavior in an already inauthentic storyline made the show feel a lot more fake than it usually does.

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