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The Dahmer
Backlash Is
Getting Worse
After New Set
Details Emerge
Entertainment based on real-life tragic events puts some people on edge, and Netflix’s newest series "Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" is no exception, as it has been accused of trying to capitalize on the pain and suffering of others. This series has been divisive not only for its content but also for its behind-the-scenes issues.
Despite the series being the most-watched program in 60 countries, some viewers were upset at Netflix’s use of the LGBTQ tag, given that Dahmer targeted many LGBTQ people of color. In addition, Rita Isbell, sister of victim Errol Lindsay, stated that she wasn’t contacted about the show or given a cut of the profits, despite the show recreating her statement at Dahmer’s trial.
Problems also abounded on set, as “Dahmer” production assistant Kim Alsup stated she was frequently called the name of the only other Black person on the crew. Alsup said that watching the Dahmer trailer gave her PTSD and alleged that there were no mental health coordinators on set, though a Netflix spokesperson claimed all crew are provided access to therapists.