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Caisson is French for "large box," it's defined as "a watertight chamber used in construction work under water or as a foundation." For fans of "The Curse of Oak Island," an immediate mental image from Season 9, Episode 17, "Blast From The Past" should come to mind.
This particular episode sees a caisson installed on the island in a spot that is believed to have a hidden tunnel buried deep, which could potentially lead to the speculative Chappell Vault. By submerging a caisson into water or water-logged environs, crews are able to pump or remove the water and debris through differing means, which allows them to work in areas that were previously inaccessible.
Caissons are often used in the construction of bridges, ships, and dams, and generally come in three different forms: box, open, and pneumatic caissons, but all are used to create a water-free workspace by way of water-tight seals and pressure. Considering Oak Island is host to several swampy locations and completely surrounded by water, the caisson is the perfect tool to aid the crew.