The Curse Of Oak Island Actor You Likely Didn't Know Starred In The MCU


“The Curse of Oak Island” is one of the History Channel’s iconic shows, focusing on the history, mythology, and geography of Oak Island and uncovering its mysteries with the help of local experts. However, as it turns out, Robert Clotworthy, the narrator of the show, had minor voiceover acting roles in multiple MCU films.

The talented voice actor was the voice of Nick Fury's car that aids him when he comes under attack during the HYDRA agent’s insurrection of SHEILD in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” He appears again in "Captain America: Civil War," as a newscaster, according to his IMDb page.

Clotworthy has over 186 acting credits to his name, along with tons of voiceover work, making him an extremely recognizable voice. Notably, he was the narrator of "Ancient Aliens," and has been a voice-over artist on video games like "Heroes of the Storm,” "Starcraft 2," "Red Notice," and "The Curse of Civil War Gold."