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The Cowboy
Scene That
Went Too Far
Netflix's "Cowboy Bebop" had the ingredients to create a stellar adaptation, but the series got a mixed response from critics and was eventually canceled. The show could get a little too ambitious for its own good, and one attempt at trying to outdo an anime episode resulted in a scene that might have gone too far.
In the episode titled "Callisto Soul," eco-terrorists set off a gas grenade that causes a body-horror moment so nightmare-inducing, we're sure it would make David Cronenberg smirk. As tree limbs erupt from within and rip the victim open from the inside, time shifts into a torturous crawl and the agonizing screams and sounds associated with this scene are almost impossible to describe.
Netflix's adaptation could get bloody, but it didn't need to get this brutal, especially when it could have just been clever like its source material. The original anime scene masterfully captures both comedy and tension while subtly hinting at the virus’ effects, an approach the Netflix episode would have benefitted from this instead of going for shock value.