The Correct Order To Watch Marvel's Defenders Saga Shows On Disney+


Now that the Marvel Netflix shows have all been added to Disney+, it’s time to watch the rebranded “The Defenders Saga” in a specific order. Season 1 of “Daredevil” is the best place to start as the series started the Marvel-Netflix partnership and establishes the world that the vigilantes live in, as well as their enemies like Kingpin and the Hand.

Viewers should then watch the first season of “Jessica Jones,” the second season of “Daredevil”, and then the first seasons of “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist.” Afterward, they should watch “The Defenders,” an eight-episode miniseries where the heroes of the aforementioned shows unite against the Hand.

Viewers can then dive back in with the first season of “The Punisher,” and then watch the second seasons of “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist.” The beginning of the end starts with “Daredevil” Season 3, followed by “The Punisher” Season 2, viewers should end their journey with “Jessica Jones” Season 3.