The Coolest Thing Gold Rush Star Parker Schnabel Has Dug Up That Wasn't Gold


Parker Schnabel of "Gold Rush '' has consistently been one of the most successful gold miners featured on the series. He has the Midas touch, bringing in thousands of ounces of gold per season, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the team to take home.

Schnabel has made upwards of $10 million on the show, but gold isn't the only thing the miner has found out in the fields. He revealed recently that he's found some other unusual objects during his excursions.

In an interview with The Malestrom, Schnabel said, "We've found some mammoth tusks, which was really cool.” He was able to keep this find, so if you ever find yourself in Parker Schnabel's house, don't be surprised if there are massive mammoth tusks waiting for you.

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