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The Conners
Season 4 Ending

After a complicated relationship, Darlene Conner finally became Mrs. Ben Olinsky in a ceremony in the Conner family's living room, and it had been a long time coming. Roseanne’s sister Jackie, who has suffered several lousy relationships, also found love, marrying veterinarian Neville Goldufsk.

Wedding Bells

Harris Conner-Healy ends up experiencing real heartbreak when she rejects her fiancé, Aldo. Harris has had an ongoing rebellion against Darlene, but mother and daughter are finally in harmony in the finale.

Harris and Aldo

The bonds of the family's togetherness might be tested as Darlene has asked Becky and her young daughter, Beverly Rose, to move in with herself, Mark, and Ben. Also, it’s hard not to notice that Dan looks sad as he faces the prospect of an oncoming empty nest.


It turns out that Roseanne is not a forgotten presence during Darlene and Jackie's wedding day, as just before their joint ceremony, Jackie talks with her niece about her sister. Even though Roseanne and her portrayer are off the show, she will not be forgotten by the program's characters.


Fans of "America's Got Talent" likely immediately recognized the very talented but sad-looking clown singing at the wedding, because it's Puddles Pity Party. He made it to the quarter-finals of Season 12, and also performs various cover versions of hit pop and rock songs on his YouTube channel.

The Clown