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The Conners'
Absence That Has
Fans Curious
"The Conners" features a robust cast, with alumni from "Roseanne" and new faces as well. With all those actors in one series, some of them will inevitably get less focus than others, and there is one character in particular that fans of "The Conners" haven’t seen in a long time and are wondering about.
Fans of the show pointed out the absence of Darlene’s son, Mark Conner-Healy (Ames McNamara), with u/rygelski wondering on Reddit, "It seems like he's disappeared with no explanation." u/CPAAlfred likewise wondered where young Mark has been for several months, while u/Cohoitz said they have also noticed, but don't generally care about the character.
Fan u/bhind45 had a probable answer for McNamara's spotty attendance and said, "in-show and off-show, I'm assuming school-related things; he's usually absent for a few episodes here and there in the later half of the seasons, but more so in this one." Considering McNamara’s age, he probably needs to take the time to catch up on academics and his childhood.