The Connection Between Oscar Winning Film CODA And The Mandalorian


“CODA” made Oscars history at the 94th Academy Awards by being the first film released by a streaming service to win Best Picture. The film also has a connection to competing streaming service Disney+, as one of the stars of "CODA" played an important role on "The Mandalorian."

“CODA” star Troy Kotsur, who became the second deaf actor in history to win an Academy Award, appeared in Season 1, Episode 5 of “The Mandalorian" as Tusken Raider Scout #1. His appearance began a rehabilitation, of sorts, for the Tusken Raiders, as Kotsur helped develop their nonverbal form of communication.

In 2020, Kotsur explained that the script mentioned sign language, but he did not want to use American Sign Language. Just as there are more than 300 different sign languages used around the world, Kotsur "made sure it became Tusken Sign Language based on their culture and environment."