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In a 2021 interview with Screen Rant, Ralph Macchio revealed that “Cobra Kai” co-creator Hayden Schlossberg refers to Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence as the Ross and Rachel of the "Karate Kid" universe. Just like Ross and Rachel, the actor said viewers always want to see LaRusso and Lawrence in conflict as much as they want them teamed up.
Macchio said the biggest mystery to the series is how the two rivals will find a way to coexist in peace. "It is the burning question, and it is also the entertainment factor that we enjoy them when they get along — and we also love to see them at odds, pushing each other's buttons. As soon as they break up, we want them together," Macchio stated.
The “Friends” connection is something Macchio took to heart because he's made the reference numerous times when promoting the show. "We always talk about, you know, the Ross and Rachels of ['Cobra Kai']. You want to get to them, but you don't want to put them together — so we're constantly keeping that ball up in the air," he said in 2020 to Entertainment Weekly.