The Cobra Kai Dojo You Belong To Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Johnny Lawrence’s teaching philosophy is embodied in his first and best student, Miguel Diaz, who has the Aries qualities of being passionate, adventurous, and considerate of one’s friends. An Aries would enjoy the outdoor dojo and the strong camaraderie between Johnny’s students.

Aries: Eagle Fang

Steadiness and gradual improvement through daily practice are the key tenets for Daniel Russo and his dojo, and they fit well with the Taurus’s characteristics of patience, consistency, and occasional stubbornness. Sam, Daniel’s unyielding and diligent daughter, also possesses these qualities.

Taurus: Miyagi-Do

While the harsh nature of John Kreese’s Cobra Kai doesn’t seem to suit the sensitive Gemini, the more moderate elements of family and adaptability appeal to the sign’s need for strong relationships and flexibility. That’s why less aggressive students like Aisha and Robby embrace the dojo’s fast pace and group mindset.

Gemini: Cobra Kai

The Miyagi-Do is the one dojo that focuses mainly on self-defense and emotional stability, which is perfect for the Cancer who is both defensive and compassionate. The dojo’s focus on the mind-body connection helped Robby deal with his past traumas and become a better version of himself.

Cancer: Miyagi-Do

Leos are driven by passion and the desire to be the best, which matches the Cobra Kai’s intensity and Kreese’s teachings to win regardless of the obstacles at hand. While Hawk, one of the best students, eventually left due to Kreese’s villainous ways, his fighting undoubtedly improved from the dojo’s emphasis on competition and excellence.

Leo: Cobra Kai