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The Claire Detail
In Jurassic World
Dominion That Has
Fans Confused
Many critics believe “Jurassic World Dominion” proves that the magic that made Steven Spielberg's 1993 classic so beloved, had far exceeded its lifespan. In the latest entry to the franchise, fans found one chase scene involving Claire Dearing to be a bit perplexing, if not comical.
On a Reddit thread sharing "Dominion" reviews u/dondonbow questioned a moment during a chase scene where Claire jumps from one building to another without struggle. "Why on earth could Claire jump that far in Malta!? First she outruns T-rex in heels and now this?"
Other users questioned Claire's near-superhuman abilities in avoiding dinosaurs in implausible scenarios. A few Redditors poked fun at it, including u/Sierra419, who pointed out, "Those raptors were faster than a dirt bike at full speed but not as fast as her climbing stairs and jumping rooftops like a Jedi."