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Captain America
These days, actor Anthony Mackie has become the worthy recipient of the famous vibranium shield, as seen in "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier." However, before Chris Evans was cast as the original Captain America, a "Chicago P.D." star who came within batting distance of the role.
Patrick Flueger was originally part of Marvel's shortlist for actors considered for the iconic role of Captain America in 2011, and even screen-tested as the character. Others that were part of the aforementioned shortlist were Chace Crawford, Mike Vogel, and John Krasinski.
Nonetheless, even though Flueger missed out on that particular role, his character of Ruzek is absolutely integral to "Chicago P.D.," and he has appeared in well over 180 episodes since 2014. And who knows, with the endless possibilities of the MCU multiverse perhaps there’s still a chance to see Flueger don the star and stripes.