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The Chicago Med
Season 7 Episode
4 Scene Fans
Thought Went
Too Far
"Chicago Med" has become an essential pillar for NBC's "One Chicago" universe during its seven-season run on NBC, and has seen many characters and cast members come and go. Dr. Crockett Marcel, played by Dominic Rains, is one character who became a fan favorite, and fans took issue with how he was treated in Season 7.
Despite performing trauma surgery at Chicago Med for the past three seasons, Marcel was sidelined by Dr. Marvin Simms (Anthony Moseley) in Season 7 Episode 4. While the two were prepping for surgery, Simms informed Marcel that, as a trauma surgeon, Marcel didn’t have the credentials to perform cardiovascular surgery and was wasting vital time.
Many fans were furious with Simms' attempt at downing Marcel, whom fans nicknamed “Dr. Surgery,” and they showed their displeasure in the replies of a tweet from the official "One Chicago" Twitter account. Other fans, however, voiced their approval of the put-down on Reddit saying, “Finally, finally someone has told Dr. Surgery he can't just operate of [sic] everyone."