The Chicago Med Season 3 Scene That Went Too Far


Although it's a pretty balanced medical drama with some intense and beautiful moments, there have been times when “Chicago Med” ended up enraging, offending, or upsetting fans. Looking back at Season 3, there's one particular holiday-themed scene that might have gone too far.

The scene in question is the opening to "Naughty Or Nice," where a man dressed as Santa Claus suffers a heart attack in the waiting area of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. When a worried little boy asks Sharon Goodwin if Santa will be okay, she assures him, but after the opening credits, the viewers learn that poor Saint Nick is dead.

While shocking deaths keep occurring in “Chicago Med,” this particular scene dampens any reason for holiday cheer and arguably aims to kill off Christmas. Fans have argued that it would have all been slightly less disturbing without the child present, who will probably be traumatized forever.

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