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The Chicago Fire
Moment That
Brings Fans
To Tears
"Chicago Fire" focuses heavily on the emotional and physical toll that firefighters endure due to the nature of their job. As a result, a number of the show's characters have died in the line of duty but out of all of the show's many tragic moments, the one death that fans were hit the hardest by was the passing of Brian "Otis" Zvonecek.
Otis was part of the original "Chicago Fire" cast and remained a fan-favorite character during his time on the series. His tenure came to an end during the show's Season 8 premiere when he died as a result of injuries sustained during a fire at a mattress factory.
The character's exit was just made all the more emotional when it was revealed that a memorial had been built in front of the firehouse in his honor. The subsequent scene with all the members of the firehouse gathering together and taking a knee in front of Otis' memorial remains one of the most moving scenes "Chicago Fire" has ever produced.