The Chicago Fire Couple Fans Agree Have No Chemistry


“Chicago Fire” has featured plenty of steamy romantic relationships over its 10 seasons, but not every pairing has proven to be a hit with fans. While some people are not a fan of Brett and Casey, there’s another couple fans find so ice cold that there’s a Reddit thread dedicated to their purported lack of chemistry.

Lieutenant Kelly Severide has been on the show since the very beginning, and his friendship with Stella Kidd eventually blossomed into romance, culminating in a marriage proposal in season 9. However, a lot of fans have admitted that they find the “Stellaride” pairing unconvincing.

When one Redditor said they lacked chemistry, many soon jumped on the thread to agree, with some not finding Severide an interesting character at all. While the pairing does have its fans, many feel like the show is forcing a relationship between two actors who don’t work well together.

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