377080 01: Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in "Friends" (1999-2000 season, "The One With Rachel's Sister"). Photo credit: Warner Bros. (Photo by NBC, Inc./Online USA)
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The Character
We Never Get To
See In A Single
Friends Episode
It seems there's no end to the enthusiasm and curiosity surrounding the NBC hit series "Friends." The series featured a colorful cast of supporting characters, including Gunther, Janice and Mr. Heckles, but there is one character fans never get to see.
The character in question is Ugly Naked Guy, and yes, we know that technically he appeared in once in Season 3 and again in Season 5, but while he’s visible, viewers never see his face. The mystery of just who played Mr. Naked Guy plagued Huffington Post senior staff writer Todd Van Luling so badly that in 2015 he sought out to find him.
Van Luling chronicled his long and arduous quest to uncover the identity of the uncredited actor who played the oft-talked about neighbor. It took a year, but he finally learned the shoulders viewers glimpsed belonged to actor Jon Haugen and that “Friends” was the only acting job he ever had.