The Character People Forget Lin-Manuel Miranda Played On The Sopranos


Before Lin-Manuel Miranda became a household name due to his record-breaking musical “Hamilton,” he was a TV “that guy.” Back in the 2000s, he landed memorable guest spots on “House,” “Modern Family,” and “How I Met Your Mother,” among other shows.

In season 6 of "The Sopranos," Tony and Paulie take a road trip to Florida to evade the FBI, and they stop at a seedy motel they used to frequent, only to find it's been replaced with a respectable hotel. They pull up next to an exhausted bellman, played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, to find out what happened to their old haunt.

Without any overt jokes, Miranda makes a big impression just by communicating the bellman's weariness through his body language. It's an early example of versatility from a performer we now associate with sincerity and cheekiness, rather than the kind of deadpan humor “The Sopranos” excelled at.

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