The Character From Kreese's Past Cobra Kai Fans Want To See Return


Through a series of flashbacks in Season 3 “Cobra Kai” fans learned that John Kreese wasn’t always a bad guy and went through some traumatic experiences in Vietnam. However, even before his time in the military, there was one incident and character that Kreese has to settle some unfinished business with.

The early years of John Kreese saw him working as a busboy at a diner in 1965 where he gets harassed by a high school jock, who is only identified as David. A Reddit thread suggested that it would be interesting to see if Kreese could get some payback after all these years.

Redditors have even offered potential plotlines for David's return, with one fan suggesting that David could be Tom Cole’s father. We’ll have to wait and see if fans' hopes are brought to life when "Cobra Kai" returns for Season 5 at the end of 2022.