The Character Everyone Forgets That Lady Gaga Played On The Sopranos


Lady Gaga is an Oscar-nominated actress and the reigning queen of pop music, but before reaching the celebrity stratosphere, she was a budding singer-songwriter named Stefani Germanotta. Before music, however, she was a New York teenager who did school plays and auditioned for TV shows.

The third season of “The Sopranos” put a lot of focus on Tony’s two children, including a scene in Episode 9 where A.J. broke into his school with some friends to misbehave. One of the friends that he was striving to impress was played by none other than Lady Gaga.

The episode aired in 2001, when Gaga was only 15 years old, still five years shy of taking on the Lady Gaga moniker. She doesn't have any lines, nor does she sport a distinctive look, but it’s worth taking a look at the episode to see her solid performance as a soda swigging, cigarette smoking teenager with an incredulous giggle.

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