The Character Everyone Forgets Anna Camp Played On The Office


Anna Camp is well known for her work as Sarah Newlin in "True Blood" and Aubrey Posen in the "Pitch Perfect" franchises. However, fans of these franchises might not know that the actress was actually in an episode of the iconic NBC show, “The Office.”

She appeared as Penny Beesly, Pam’s sister in the Season 6 episode "Niagara," where Jim and Pam get married. There are so many things happening in this memorable two-part segment it is not a surprise that Penny gets lost in the fun.

However, Penny does have some funny and heartwarming moments with both her sister and her Dunder Mifflin family, especially when she mistakes Kevin for Oscar's boyfriend, Gil. Later, after Pam and Jim have already gotten married at the Falls, Penny makes sure Pam is okay with the dance Michael planned, before joining the fun.