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The Character
Bones' Emily
Deschanel Played
In Spider-Man 2
Actress Emily Deschanel is best known for her long-running role on Fox's "Bones," the police procedural series where she spent copious hours combing through human remains in search of forensic clues. But before gaining fame through “Bones” Deschanel played a small and fleeting role in Sony's "Spider-Man 2."
In the 2004 sequel, Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker worked as a pizza delivery man and arrived at a delivery location in a high rise via Spidey web. After changing in a janitor's closet, he steps out only to knock over literally everything around him while a receptionist, played by Deschanel, stares at him, deadpan, and unimpressed.
When Parker finally gets everything put away, he places the pizza on her desk, prompting her to stare pointedly at the clock, before responding "You're late. I'm not paying for those." Even though Deschanel’s role was brief she still managed to compress a thousand relatable feelings into a few seconds.