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On “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak's affable game show host qualities, sense of humor, and ability to deliver fun banter can be downright hilarious. In one episode, Sajak’s back-and-forth barbs with one particular celebrity guest had fans cracking up.
On "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune," Anthony Anderson leaned hard on the comedic side as he traded humorous digs with the hosts and indulged in wild shenanigans on the episode. Anderson was just having a laugh, and he proved to be a very capable contestant, winning $75,300 for charity.
Sajak did hold his own, dryly commenting, "You were wrong-ish," to a less-than-successful guess by Anderson. Another highlight was Anderson's feigned meltdown during a puzzle that conveniently revealed itself as "HAVING A MELTDOWN ON LIVE TELEVISION.”