The Brandi Passante Moment That Went Too Far On Storage Wars

Brandi Passante and her long-term romantic partner Jarrod Schulz starred on “Storage Wars” for over 250 episodes, and many fans admitted to tuning in specifically for Brandi and her good looks. However, one fellow cast member's crass attitude on the subject led to one of the most shocking moments in “Storage Wars” history.
On one early episode, cast member Barry Weiss told Jarrod Schulz that he enjoys smoking cigars, but that he likes to "dip them in brandy first." Granted, dipping cigars in liquor is a known practice, but it was most likely a play on Passante's first name mixed with a crude reference to a political sex scandal.
One fan online noted that Brandi was “looking pissed” after the “joke” was made. The moment remains one of the most talked-about in the show’s history, with fans continuing to decry it as “perverse” and “ice cold.”