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The Brand New
Cherry Flavor
Scene That Went
Too Far
Netflix's new horror drama limited series "Brand New Cherry Flavor" is a provocative and violent trip into Hollywood's seedy underbelly that's loaded with surreal and disturbing imagery. But there's a scene in Episode 4 that goes so far over the top that you'll either turn off the show or be completely riveted.
In the thoroughly deranged scene, which happens about two-thirds of the way through Episode 4, "Tadpole Smoothie," Lisa is sick and getting out of the bath in a motel. She notices she has a weird open wound on her side and instead of it hurting when she touches it, she becomes aroused and proceeds to stimulate it until kittens start coming out of her.
She then lets movie star Roy Hardaway into the room and has him stick his whole hand into her wound as she moans in ecstasy. Fans didn’t hold back from expressing their complicated feelings about the scene on Twitter, with one saying, "I could deal with the puking up kittens on Brand New Cherry Flavor but the scene in episode 4 was too much for me."