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The Boys Star
Jensen Ackles
Gives A Hilarious
Recap On
His Nude Scene
In a show like "The Boys," a naked man is relatively tame in comparison to some of the more shocking sequences the show has given fans, but it was nonetheless a new experience for Jensen Ackles. In a recent interview, Ackles gave a particularly hilarious recap of his nude scene debut.
When asked by what it was like to film his nude scene for "The Boys," especially since it was the first thing he shot, Jensen Ackles had a short but quippy answer: "Chilly." Sitting alongside him, co-stars Chace Crawford and Claudia Doumit burst into laughter at the remark.
It was a little colder than anticipated," elaborated Ackles. "What do they say? If you're nervous when you get up in front of somebody, just imagine that the crowd is without their clothes on? Well, it was like the opposite for me."