The Boys Scene That Over 35% Of People Think Went Too Far


Robin’s Death

We surveyed over 500 fans of “The Boys,” and we were surprised that only 8.7% of respondents thought the scene with Robin’s death went too far. Perhaps it’s because there’s no show without her death, or perhaps it was the fact she besmirched the name of Billy Joel.

Madelyn’s Death

Oddly enough, 11.4% found that Madelyn Stillwell’s death went too far. We aren’t sure we understand this choice, seeing as how vile Madelyn was, but perhaps it was the overly gruesome nature of her demise that earned the extra votes.

The Whale Scene

12.1% of respondents thought the whale scene from season 2, where Billy and The Deep play a high-stakes game of chicken, went too far. Billy, behind the wheel of a boat, eventually defeated The Deep, atop a sperm whale, and aquatic mammal lovers everywhere lost their lunch.

The Botched Air Rescue

Season 1, Episode 4, had a failed air rescue attempt that 12.3% of viewers said went too far. While the scene helps illustrate the hubris and carelessness of those with special powers, we have to agree that letting a plane full of people die is pretty wack.

Laser Baby Scene

The big winner, with more than 35% of the vote, is the scene from Season 1, Episode 5 with weaponized babies. Butcher grabs a baby that has been injected with Compound V from the NICU and uses its laser eyes to mow down a bunch of guards.

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