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The series "Boy Meets World" had many memorable guest stars throughout its illustrious tenure. Out of all the members that made a name for themselves on the TGIF sitcom, one talented player was also a notable employee on "Parks and Recreation."
Adam Scott, who starred as Ben Wyatt on “Parks and Recreation,” played Griffin “Griff” Hawkins on “Boy Meets World.” Griff is a clever individual who always has some type of con or hustle at play and, despite being the bully, shows a lack of interest in petty violence.
This is almost the polar opposite of his character in "Parks and Recreation," the ex-child mayor turned city finance expert who would eventually become the love interest of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). His efforts on "Parks and Recreation" will always be legendary, but some die-hard "Boy Meets World" fans will most assuredly always revere the legacy he left behind as Griff.