The Bones Episodes Fans Always Skip On A Rewatch

With 12 seasons and 245 episodes under its belt, "Bones" fans have plenty of material to rewatch over and over again. However, in their binge rewatching, many fans tend to skip the seven episodes in Season 6 that center on the character of Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick).
Hannah was a journalist that Seeley Booth had saved in Afghanistan, and they began a relationship in Season 6, despite Seeley having feelings for Temperance “Bones” Brennan. Seeley even decided to propose to Hannah, but to the fans’ relief, she tells him that marriage is not important to her future, and they break up.
It’s inevitable that fans who wanted Seeley and Bones to get together would dislike Hannah and see her as an antagonist to their relationship. While Hannah actually teased that she and Seeley aren’t over in her final moments in the show, it’s telling that the character was never brought back.