The Bones Episode Fans Found Hard To Watch


Although “Bones” is revered as one of the best-loved shows on television, offering a goofy, gory, and frequently thrilling procedural drama, fans seem to utterly dislike one particular episode of the show. The two-part Season 4 premiere titled "Yanks in the U.K.," is considered a rather problematic and unwatchable “Bones” episode.

“Yanks in the U.K.” finds Brennan and Booth assisting in a U.K. murder case involving the royal family. While fans seem to agree that this one fails across the board, perhaps what they hated the most was the stereotypes about America vs England, or Booth’s incapability to adapt outside of American norms despite being in London for less than a week.

Fans on Reddit have criticized every angle of what could have been a really interesting episode, especially the acting and the storyline. Some have even found the juvenile treatment of the culture clash angle rather annoying, while others claimed that the episode made them take a break from watching “Bones” altogether.