The Bob Saget Controversy You Never Knew Existed


Bob Saget was best known for portraying Danny Tanner, the wholesome father of three in “Full House,” but he was known in stand-up comedy for being an extremely vulgar comedian. Even though Saget's stand-up career didn’t prevent him from being cast as a recurring character on Netflix's "Fuller House,” off-color jokes at his roast led to some questions about his on-set behavior on the original show.

During the 2008 “Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget,” multiple roasters joked about Saget having inappropriate interactions with the Olsen twins. It's important to note, however, that this style of “offensive as possible humor” was totally on-brand for the late 2000s Comedy Central roasts.

When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen declined to reprise their role of Michelle Tanner for "Fuller House," a few fans speculated there could be some truth to the jokes made during the roast. However, in an interview with People Magazine, “Fuller House” producer Bob Boyett said Ashley had no interest in acting and the timing was not good for Mary-Kate.

For Saget's part, he stated in interviews that he had a positive relationship with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. In a 2021 podcast episode, Saget said of the twins, “I love [them] so much. When I'm in New York or when they're here, when we can, we see each other."