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The Blue Bloods
Episode Idea That
Puts A Dark Spin
On Family Dinners
If you have watched any number of episodes of "Blue Bloods," you are more than familiar with the dinner scenes. Some fans have suggested making an entire episode focusing on a dinner scene, while the writers would have to raise the stakes, here are a few ways to make it work
The first, and maybe the most obvious way for the writers to make an entire episode center around the dinner table would be a hostage situation. With four decorated officers around the table and literal decades of criminals locked away by the Reagans, there is a long list of people who could return for revenge.
hostage situation
"Blue Bloods" has a particular formula. The death of a central character is the emotional moment that could shake the formula off, to focus entirely on the grief of the characters and audience.
major character death
The end of an era is a monumental occasion. This kind of occasion could help the writers break the mold and write an episode utterly different from the others. Maybe after over a decade of the family business, something like Frank’s retirement could prompt a reason for an episode that focuses solely on the Reagan dinner table.
a new chapter