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The Blacklist Is
Revisiting A
Season1 Death In
Clearly, "The Blacklist" is no stranger to character deaths and proved this when the series quickly delivered to fans a shocking and gruesome death in the first season. With Season 10 underway, it seems the show is planning to revisit its early days by picking up the pieces of a storyline from almost 10 years ago.
Agent Meera Malik, played by Parminder Nagra, was a CIA agent who was killed during the Season 1 finale episode by an assassin while trying to track down a man with the alias "Berlin." Season 10 will revisit this tragic death by introducing viewers to Malik's daughter, Siya Malik.
While the actor playing Siya hasn't been announced, and few details are available, a TVLine article mentions that Malik's daughter is seeking answers about her mother's work and demise. Fans are already buzzing about Season 10 and online comments have been welcoming towards the connecting character, Siya Malik.