The Biggest Unanswered Questions From Yellowstone Season 4


Kayce's Return

As the 4th season gets underway, we learn that Kayce survived the attack in the previous finale, thanks to dogged determination and sharp-shooting skills. However, Kayce decided to relocate his family to Pryor, Montana, so many are wondering if he’s being written off the series or will just have a new arc.

Jamie's Baby

In season 2, Jamie's ex-girlfriend Christina said he couldn’t see his child if he continued working for the Duttons. However, now that Jamie has split from his family and reunited with Christina and their child, it's anyone's guess how everyone else will react when they learn he's a dad.

The Governor's Race

Jamie, who we learned was adopted, is pursuing the governorship in defiance of John entering his own name in the race. However, now that we know what we do about Jamie’s birth father, the gubernatorial race is just heating up and could be the main story of the 5th season.

Carter's Future

In the season opener, Beth meets Carter, and the pair bond over their mutual family problems. He eventually begins working as a ranch hand, and many are now wondering if he will be the new Rip Wheeler or something else entirely.

Beth's Threat

For years, we’ve watched Beth’s hatred for Jamie percolate, and it may have reached its climax in the 4th season finale. While it seemed like Jamie was in the clear after killing Garrett, Beth now claims that she owns Jamie.

Summer's Story

It looked like Summer Higgns was facing life in prison because of Beth's vicious machinations, but John got the judge to give her a reduced sentence. She'll likely be freed within a year, so we can't help but wonder if there's more of a role for her to play.

Garrett's Murder

We know from Beth's threats that the knowledge of Randall's murder will cast a pall over Jamie, but are there other forces at work that could endanger everyone? What will happen when Christina discovers him missing, and will the sheriff investigate the murder?

Jimmy's Life at 6666

At the beginning of the season, Jimmy finds himself seriously injured by a misguided attempt to rodeo again, and John sends him to the notorious 6666 ranch. Now that he has relocated there for good, what will become of his story on the “6666” spinoff series?

Mommy Issues

We learned in Season 3 that Beth is unable to be a mother, but the introduction of Carter makes it feel like she might have a crack at parenthood yet. Audiences were expecting Beth to embrace her role as Carter's mom, which made it more surprising when she snapped at him for calling her “mama.”

New Sheriff

A shocking and sobering moment in season 4 came when Sheriff Haskell, a friend and ally of the Duttons, was fatally wounded in a hostage situation. In the penultimate episode of the season, we meet Haskell's replacement, Commander Ramsey, but John is unsure if he can be trusted.

Will The Ranch Fall?

We’re not suggesting that season 5 will be the last, but we could be entering a new stage of the series. Surrounded by enemies on all sides, there seems to be no way out for the Duttons, and their only saving grace may be John winning the governorship.

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